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Fragile & Non Fragile Packing

Our team carrying out your packing service will ensure that all of your personal items are boxed and sealed professionally. Therefore, you’re won’t have to worry as you will be covered by our comprehensive level of insurance. The policy then covers the packing of goods as well as our removals. Our insurers cannot accept liability for items which are in self packed boxes, unless there is visible damage to the outside of the box.

Full Packing Service

We understand moving can be a stressful time. With our full packing service, we will arrive the day before your move and pack and label everything. Once we have done this, everything will be ready for transportation. If you require our unpacking service, we can carry out a photographic survey of your property and replicate the layout of all packaged items in your new home the day after your move.

Fragile Pack

We will carefully pack all your ornaments, crystal glasses, china, plates and other delicate items. We will be able to ensure that they are safely packaged and ready to move.

Professional Packing Service: Service
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